Colloidal Silver

The power of silver as an antimicrobial substance has been known for thousands of years. Recent results from research teams and Universities have shown outstanding properties (in vitro) against varieties of bacterial & viral pathogens.

EU legislation has determined that Colloidal Silver is not a medicine nor is it a food supplement. It is an antimicrobial mineral solution that kills biological, viral & fungal pathogens. Silver is used extensively in industry because of these natural properties.

Strangely, the regulations do state that Colloidal Silver can be added to water to sanitise it & therefore be ingested. We have therefore had our product tested at the correct concentration to ensure that it complies with current EU & UK regulations. The results can be view on our Testing & Certification page.

BBC Report April 2011 - "Europe 'losing' superbugs battle" The World Health Organization says the situation has reached a critical point. It is exactly these properties that may help prevent this serious problem.

This site is dedicated to revealing the truth & mysteries behind the many uses of Colloidal Silver and making this information freely available.

The Best Colloidal Silver Products at the Best Price.

We are a totally independent UK business, specialising in the manufacture & research of Colloidal Silver products. We have no commercial ties to any other UK or foreign company. Our aim is to increase awareness of Colloidal Silver and its benefits, by providing informational & educational resources through our continual research, funded by the sale of our products.

We deliberately keep the design of this site as simple & functional as possible because we wish to be judged on the quality of our products, not how impressed you are with our marketing skills ! Our investment is in research and production which makes sense to us and hopefully to you too.


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