Online Shopping

Safeguarding your health.

You are welcome to purchase any Chinese herbal products we offer online. But if you are not certain of our herbal products suitability for your requirement, we strongly recommend that you consider an online consultation before placing your order. Although Chinese slimming teas, Chinese herbal creams, oils and lotions are regarded as low risk products, care must be taken in following instructions before any application. For our range of orally taken Chinese herbal remedies, professional advice should always be sought before making any purchase.

Check the product first

Upon receipt of your order, please check the herbal product was dispatched correctly. Please note, due to wholesale providers specifications, the final product's packaging may vary from the picture as shown on this website. If you have any doubt as to the herbal product’s suitability, you can return the herbal product UNOPENED for a refund, in line with the conditions found in our Return and Refund Policy. Please understand that because of the safeguards imposed prior to and on receiving your order, if your health is harmed as a consequence of taking the supplied herbal products, you should agree not to hold Fu’s Natural Healing Centre responsible.

Health & Safety Advice

You must agree not to misuse or exceed the prescribed dosage for the herbal product supplied by Fu’s Natural Healing Centre. If you were to experience any ill effect or allergic reaction as a result of any product supplied, you must agree to cease applying that product and seek immediate medical advice.

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